05 Dec Having a travel nurse housing Discussion

The Christmas holidays are here with us. If you fortunate, you have already secured that January 6th start travel assignment.
Healthcare recruiters can how give you a peace of mind. But, Hey! have you settled on the housing?

Finding a short term housing for your travel assignment can make or break your experience as a traveler. So you want to find the best housing with a hospitable host possible. The major challenge is always one of finding a affordable housing that is not shared. Most of us don’t want roommates who will eat our chocolate or come in drunk with a lit cigarette. Yea, some folks aren’t easy to get along with under the same roof.

Most of our travelers overcome this challenge by Traveling with friends or spouses.
If you like traveling alone or with your nice pet, our recruiters are available around the clock to help bypass you in the housing nuances you are likely to experience.

ATC West Recruiters prefer giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose your own housing. This way, you have control over the battles between “‘the landlord vs “Tenant’ from hell”. If you are reading this am sure you a nice person every landlord would welcome with open hands. The reality however, is as human beings we have a capacity to irritate and get irritated. So you want to have a conversation around housing that is genuine and collaborative.

Tell your recruiter what you want, or your landlord will tell you what he wants,when he wants and how he wants it!

General travel nurse housing rules include:

  • Pay on time, This is no worry, we pay ahead of time in this game.
  • Clean after yourself
  • No smoking Inside.
  • No overnight guests unless they are relatives or spouses.
  • No pets allowed. Some landlords will require a dog security deposit while others may not allow some breeds for insurance purposes.

Even with these ground rules, Your recruiter will help you find your ideal housing on your budget. We encourage millennia renters join their recruiter in the online travel nurse housing hunt. Your help in the search is valuable, remember only 10% of the listed hosts you contact are likely to call you back. You rarely go wrong Vacation rental websites. They are always safe options from scams on craigslist and other predator landlords on social media. Our go to sites include; AirBnB, Vrbo and HomeAway. Here You can find a reasonably prized studio that works for you.

Over the many years in the business we have landlord clients who have become our dear housing partners. We also have this as an open option.
Our options are always financed by a handsome tax-free stipend that your recruiter will reward you generously.

We are always Around the Clock because we know its always stressful living in another home.
Traveling with ATC-West Healthcare and avoid much travel nurse housing Headaches.

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