Staffing with Venessa Salac.

Staffing with Venessa

16 Aug Staffing with Venessa Salac.

  1. Who is Venessa?

Venessa Salac is a Per Diem Staffing Manager at ATC West Healthcare.

  1. How long have you been with ATC?

Nine years this August.

  1. How does healthcare staffing relate to patient satisfaction?

Patients in understaffed facilities have a higher rate of immortality, and other healthcare fails. Facilities that adhere to RN to Patient ratio have higher patient satisfaction as RNs can devote their time and effort accordingly.

  1. Has ATC achieved a reduction in time-to-fill rates with Staffing? How has this affected client satisfaction with ATC RPO Services?

ATC Has provided temporary healthcare staffing services to those facilities that are in need. We have had a long-standing relationship with most of our facilities by delivering a personal level of service in the staffing industry. By establishing this relationship between HCA and the facility, we have improved the time-in-fill with Staffing.

  1. How do you fix staffing challenges in healthcare?

There is no easy fix to any staffing challenges, but dedication is the number one key to any challenges. If you are truly dedicated, you will find a way to find solutions and at least alleviate challenges in any aspect.

  1. How does nurse staffing affect patient safety? How does ATC practice safe nurse staffing?

We can assist facilities in providing adequate care to their patients by providing temporary nurses. By reducing stress on their staff, there can focus more on individual patient care and patient safety.

  1. What are the most aggravated staffing issues you’ve faced?

Dealing with unreliable staff is the most challenging issue in healthcare.

  1. As Staffing, how would you handle a problematic HCA?

I think in life in general, you have to learn to listen. The problem is not the problem; the problem is how you look at the problem.

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