Every year, On September 29th, the world celebrates World Heart Day to create awareness of Cardio Vascular disease and ways to control them. This year, the theme is “Use Heart for Every Heart.”
Cardio Vascular diseases include the heart and blood vessels.
The heart affects every part of one’s body, meaning that lifestyle, diet, and a person’s emotional well-being can affect the heart. Physical and emotional health are important for a healthy heart.
Ever heard of the expressions, “it broke my heart,” you nearly gave me a heart attack,” or “I was worried to death”?
The above clearly shows that the mind and heart are intimately connected. Therefore, a negative state of mind, including anxiety, loneliness, chronic stress, and anger, may increase the risk of heart disease and, with time, worsen heart issues that might be already existing.
According to an article by Healthy Driven , people with no prior heart disease and major depression double the risk of dying from heart-related issues. In addition, for those newly diagnosed with heart disease, depression increases the chance that a harmful heart-related event will occur within that year. People already suffering from heart disease are three times as likely to be depressed.
It is advisable to do an annual heart health checkup to find issues. The doctor will offer you a screening test to assess your cardiovascular health.
Here are risk factors for heart disease:
• high blood sugar
• overweight and obesity
• high blood pressure
• certain lifestyle habits, like smoking and alcohol use
• high blood cholesterol
American Heart Association (AHA)Trusted Source recommends that heart health screening begin as early as 20. Other heart health screenings may start later in life. There are screenings that the doctor can help with, which screening you should get, and how often.
There are also symptoms related to it. Including:
• chest pain or discomfort
• fluttering in your chest
• slow or racing heartbeat
• shortness of breath
• dizziness
• fatigue
• swelling in your feet or abdomen
Finding ways to take care of your emotional well-being to protect your heart is important. Your heart will thank you.
Try these heart-healthy tips:
1. Recognize and express your feelings by talking to loved ones, writing a journal, or joining a support group. If in need, you could seek professional help.
2. Take deep breaths, do yoga, and manage stress with mindful meditation or deep breathing exercises.
3. Avoid heavy drinking and don’t smoke.
4. Exercise. Try a 15-minute brisk walk, swimming, cycling, gardening, or dancing.
5. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory effects.

As we celebrate the day, let us promote healthy hearts through charities and coordination of health checks, runs and walks, and public talks with shows and exhibitions to support a larger community. In addition, remember to eat your fruit and vegetables and get outside. Both you and your heart will feel alive.

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