27 Oct Healthy LIVING TIPS

How to Live Healthy Today
Many think that living healthy is just based on what you consume into your body, but that is not correct. Living healthy involves what you think, your actions, your daily routines and also consumption.
Are you living healthy?
A question that you should ask yourself every single day. It is tough to do some of this things each day but they are so small that you can easily incorporate them into your daily routine.

Tips for Healthy Living

Below are simple tips that will give you a healthy and happy life, you do not have to do all of them but just trying them one by one and seeing what best works for you:
Drinking what may seem as an easy task but most of us forget to consume actual water all because we just had juice, coffee or tea. Drinking actual water helps with digestion, healthy skin and great energy during the day. It is best advised to have a glass in the morning when you wake up.
Ensure you have enough sleep
Sleep deprivation tends to slow you down in your day to day activities. Having a minimum of six hours of sleep everyday helps take away the tardiness and fatigue. It is also a good way of re-charging your energy. Nowadays, there are applications that help one meditate and fall into asleep very fast and peacefully. Did you know that a sleep deprived person is very likely to get angry over very small things?
It is also advised to have a specific time that you should get to bad and that works effectively when you have a sleep routine before the preferred time.
Going for walks or doing exercises
This is especially a good way of ending the day after work or school and a form of relaxing as you unwind the day. As relaxing as it is, it helps in having a good nights sleep as the muscles will be relaxed.

Positive energy and mentality
Positive thinking equals positive energy which equals peace of mind. Avoid things that will make you sad or angry and spoil the rest of your day. We emit very strong energies as humans and thus they are easily transmitted to another person. When your boss at work is in good moods, every other employee has good moods and thus the labor activity will be high unlike when the boss is in a very bad mood, labor tends to be very poor and the employees will look grumpy and sluggish the whole time. Positivity equals good days.
Eating less junk and more vegetables
Vegetables are very rich in vitamins and helps the body in things such as preventing and treating various diseases like heart problems, high cholesterol levels, eye and skin disorders. Junk foods come with cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, stroke and many others. Have all your meals with vegetables to avoid such diseases.
Into the body health, there are many things that we consume in high quantities not knowing of the effects to come. Some of this effects may not be instant, most of them take time to develop and attack your cells slowly by slowly and before you know it, you have what is known as a lifestyle disease. This diseases include liver cirrhosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, asthma, depression, heart disease, obesity and many more.
The following as some of the common diseases and how best they can be avoided, maintained and treated:

This condition is brought about when the body is unable to produce and use the blood sugars. It is common with people who have obesity and high blood cholesterol but the cause of that condition is still unknown. Diabetes comes in two types; type 1 is where insulin is not being produced, type 2 is where the insulin is resisted and there is high production of sugars. This is controlled by drugs but there has never been a cure yet. Eating a lot of vegetables, fruits and importantly a balanced diet is the best way of keeping it in check.
Liver Cirrhosis
The most common reason for this is the high intake of alcohol that damages the liver. This can best be avoided by reducing alcohol consumption though advised is to stop intake of alcohol. A once in a while glass of alcohol should be okay, just not to the point of addiction. To avoid this drink a lot of water and have healthy meals.
This is a common disease especially among the young generation. It is caused by unexpected things like lack of sleep, hormones in the brain, inactivity and lifestyle. Some of this causes can be avoided easily. Doing things like exercises or having walks, eating healthy, keeping your brain activity and having an effective sleeping pattern that ensures you have maximum rest for the body.
Genetics and hereditary are some things could be hard to avoid but being able to maintain the condition will work effectively.
Heart diseases
This are mostly due to having high cholesterol in the body system. Watching what you put into your body is a good way of avoiding this that which means less junk and more healthy food.
Commonly known as high blood pressure, HBP. Most known causes are age, hereditary, stress, diabetes, obesity, high salt intake and lack of physical activity. As you can notice, most of these causes can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle. Keeping fit, following a balanced an strict diet, avoiding salt losing weight and avoiding stress by keeping a positive mind, energy and mentality.
You never realize how important keeping a healthy life is until when you have already been diagnosed with the disease, some of which have no cure and just have to be managed. A healthy life is important and you do not have to do everything at the same time but practice makes perfect and soon you will get used to it that it will seem natural to you.
A healthy lifestyle equals a healthy person, start your journey today and remember to hydrate.

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