World Blood Donor Day is commemorated every June to make people aware that safe blood and blood products for transfusion are crucial considerations in the healthcare industry.
2022 slogan is ‘Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives; where the World Health Organization (WHO) urges every country to celebrate the effort made by volunteers, blood donors, the health sector, the government, and private and public institutions.
According to an article done by NDTV, the day is stated to:
• Appreciate the vital role plaid by unpaid, volunteer blood donors in national health systems.
• Create awareness worldwide on the importance of safe transfusion of blood and blood products.
• Last but not least, supporting and strengthening the programs done by the national blood transfusion services, blood donor organizations, and other non-governmental groups that extend their voluntary blood donor programs.
While celebrating the day, the voluntary blood donor is appreciated for making the world healthier. At the same time, a call to action is put to the public sector to provide resources that manage blood transfusion to those in need.
Celebrations of the day are in Mexico at Sri Lanka’s National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS).
Ideally, the day is celebrated through campaigns to create awareness and enhance change differently. It can be either physical or through social media platforms (Facebook) to thank the blood donors and organizers of the campaign.
The Ministry of Health, the core supplier of donated blood and blood produced in private and public hospitals, is highly recognized.

The NBTS also sends SMS messages to those who donated blood last year and arranges a social media campaign (Facebook) to increase public awareness regarding World Blood Donor Day.

Due to the great structural management of the NBTS, a well-organized and centrally coordinated network enhances perfect service, especially considering that there are 102 hospital-based blood banks and two blood centers in the region.

While the national demand is set, the NBTS has successfully been meeting the target by collecting about 450,000 units of blood annually over the years. Although the long-term Covid-19 pandemic and other resource problems, 400,000 units have been collected in the last two years.

ATC West Healthcare joins with NBTS to salute the unsung heroes of voluntary blood donors and blood donation campaigns for their dedication to saving lives worldwide.

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