Foods Good for Skin Care.

12 Jan Foods Good for Skin Care.

Nutrition is very important for a healthy lifestyle, but what you eat also affects your skin.

Some foods are medically recommended for skin care because of their richness in nutrients. Some of these foods are;
1. Avocados.
Avocados are rich in healthy fats that are very essential to skin care. Avocados which contain Biotin rich in Vitamin B prevents dry skin. Studies show that Avocados have Vitamin E and C which help prevent the skin from ultra-violet rays. Avocados are consumed as they are for skin care and used in numerous skin care products.
2. Green Tea
Green tea is mostly essential for skin care and aging control. It has antioxidants called EGCG that help fight skin cancer, they help fight DNA damage from UV rays. According to 100% Pure Green Tea has Catechins that help improves the health of the skin. The Catechins have an anti-inflammatory property that reduces irritation and swelling of the skin. The caffeine and tannins in Green Tea also have a powerful de-puffing and brightening action.
3. Tomatoes.
Tomatoes are one of the richest fruits and highly recommendable for skin care. They contain numerus nutrients; antioxidants, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin A and Magnesium. According to the US Department of Agriculture, tomatoes contain Lycopene which makes it red in color but also has an anti-cancer effect. It also has Vitamin C which promotes growth of the connective tissue. Researchers also say that tomatoes have Beta Carotene which protect the skin from sun exposure.
4. Dark Chocolate.
Dark chocolate is rarely seen as a healthy feed but is actually one of the foods loaded with the most nutrients that affect of a human being. Pub Med (NCBI) states that the bioactive compounds in the dark chocolate protects your skin, the flavourables can also protect the skin against sun damage, improve blood flow to skin, increase skin density and hydration. When acquiring dark chocolate check the cocoa levels, 70% cocoa in dark chocolate guarantees full nutritional benefit.

5. Sweet Potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are rich in Pro-Vitamin A in Beta used in many skin care line. Sweet potatoes can also serve as natural moisturizers because they are rich in pantothenic acid, which is known for increasing the skin’s integrity and helps to get rid of the excess fatty oils. According to Jivome sweet potatoes also have Folate which helps reduce the skin sensitivity to the Sun radiation, reducing the risk of cancer.

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