Getting Started With ATC West Healthcare

30 Sep Getting Started With ATC West Healthcare

There are many ways to connect with ATC West Healthcare and finally land your Travel nursing or Permanent Job assignment anywhere in the United States.

Here are some Possible ways you may first engage with ATC West Healthcare Services.

  • You may apply through a Job Post we uploaded on Zip Recruiter. There are Nearly Twenty new Job Opening every Day for our potential Healthcare Associates. They range from Travel Nursing Contracts which cover 8-13 Weeks for Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Clinical Lab Scientists, Ultrasound Technologist, Certified Nursing Assistants, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Dental Assistants, Phlebotomists, Surgical Technicians and sterile processing Techs.
  • You may also be connecting with your friends on Facebook and meet with Our President or Senior recruiter. You may also land on our Official Facebook Page with all interesting information about travel nursing in California. If you are in any recruiting groups, you may see our call for applications once in a while. Just be free and start that healthcare conversation and get the Job you are looking out for.
  • We also do lots of Job Posting on our Twitter handle . Twitter is just an excellent way to summarize all our Top Hot Job Orders in a glace.
  • ATC West Healthcare Website is also a great resource for all Healthcare Professionals seeking for career opportunities. You can get to know us better if you stop by someday.
  • Connecting with us as a Healthcare associate has never been easier. You can Message, Inmail, Like, Comment and share our post on LinkedIn.

Once you Kick off a Conversation, ATC West Healthcare recruiters are always available Around the Clock to answer your Concerns. If you are very new, they will take you through the ATC West Onboarding process.

  1. They will request that you share your resume. Generally, your current resume should Highlight the 7 years’ work history or from graduation, whichever is less. The specific months and years of each work and education experience should be well documented.
  2. Your ATC West Recruiter will then tailor your resume to our client’s specification.(S)he will do a lot of Homework and may involve you to detail your resume to include; Unit Size, Hospital Size, Trauma Level, Teaching Facility, and Duties for each facility listed on resume.
  3. Any gaps greater than 30 days Must accounted for on the resume, perhaps you took a vacation, or on a personal time off, or for one reason or another you were not at work, open up to your ATC West Healthcare recruiter to account for any gaps on your resume.
  4. You will share Two supervisor references within the last year worked in the unit being submitted. These two professional references have seen you work and their recommendation is coveted. You may want to speak with them and inform them that an ATC West Healthcare agent will give them a quick call to take a reference check. Ordinarily the ATC West Healthcare Check will take less than two minutes.
  5. Your ATC West Recruiter will assign you a Skills Checklist. This is not an exam. It just a Competence based form that you use to sell your strong Clinical areas. Just answer them Honestly and all shall be well. A typical ATC West Skills Checklist will take you about 10 minutes to complete.
  6. Finally, you will have asked to share necessary professional Certifications and Licenses. You can share images of your certification and any other relevant accolades to sell your experience.
  7. After completing the paper Work, Your ATC West Recruiter will share with you possible openings for you to show interest in. This will basically be a gross type and Location Kind of discussion.
  8. One you are agreed; your profile will be submitted for consideration. You will get an offer!
  9. After an Offer, then comes the serious stuff. Accept or Decline within specific time Frames. You will be able to discuss the pay package including Housing, Travel reimbursement, Car rental and many other specifications that will make the job assignment the best experience for your Travel Nursing Career. If you accept, the rate…
  10. You get to sign the Contract and shall handed over to our Compliance department. After background and Health tests will be cleared to start within the time stipulated in your contract.

It’s never Hurray for Us. We endeavor to walk with you all career lifetime. We are there 24/7. All round the Clock to make it your Best Assignment Ever.

Welcome and Travel with ATC West Healthcare.

Nursing is your passion, recruiting is ours. Get Started with ATC West Healthcare today.
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