Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays worldwide. The United States becomes the perfect place for holidaymakers at their homes and visitors who create their best memories. Normally, the festive traditions like Christmas trees, carols, driving around, cooking, baking and good weather usually standout for a perfect holiday, but then, there are always few drawbacks.
Breaking rules knowingly or unknowingly on Christmas holidays is very common.

Here are few tips to ensure one flows with what the season brings;
Do not turn on any non-Christmas Music
Whether you hate Christmas music or are sick of it, if the songs are not playing in the car, house or at the background then you’re doing Christmas wrong. It doesn’t matter whether you go for R&B with Mariah Carey’s Christmas Pandora Station or decide to tune into some classics like Frank Sinatra’s Christmas. Have it on! Playing other songs most definitely falls under things NOT to do on Christmas.

Avoid drama with family
During Christmas, there is always drama in the family, no one can debate that. But let’s leave all of that aside for after the Christmas festivities. Let’s remind ourselves that even that one cousin who’s super annoying and complains about everything or chews way too loudly is still a part of the family. After all, it’s Christmas…

Don’t not fill up on snacks and appetizers
I know you do it every. Single. Year. I know the moments we look forward to most on Christmas Day are the times when the appetizers and desserts come out. Consequently, this makes you not want a thing once you are at the dinner table. Don’t this annoy your grandma? So, this Christmas, you have to remind yourself that the mini hot dogs, mozzarella sticks, chips and dip, and snacks are not worth it (at least not all of them at once). Add this to the list of things NOT to do on Christmas.

Have comfortable clothes
We are ‘forced’ to dress up for Christmas but after all the pictures are taken and you are full with all the delicacies, all you want is to pull on some sweatpants, fall into bed and let the delicious food flow. Trust me, you do NOT want to be the one who forgot a change of clothes.

Do not forget to carry a gift
Whether it is at an office party or home celebrations, the worst thing you could do is show up at a Christmas party empty-handed. This is a season of giving and it comes ones! Do NOT forget any of your presents at home. Forgot to do your Christmas shopping? Well, just grab a bottle of wine or something.
Do not tell someone you don’t like their gifts even if they are not good
Looks like the most awkward moment on Christmas not liking a present. Smile no matter who gave you the present or what it is. You thank them, and save the receipt.

Do not forget to have a great time
The day might get you in your worst moods. Regardless, try your hardest to have the best time ever by catching up with family and indulging the little ones with their games. Dance, sing Christmas carols, or play games and also make a toast before dinner starts. Just don’t let the day go to waste with a single dull moment.

Do not forget to hug and say I love to your loved ones (family, friends or colleagues)
It definitely counts as things NOT to do on Christmas!
The above will surely help bring the best of your day. ATC West wishes our family a happy Christmas Holiday!

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