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02 Dec Travel Nursing Job Applications : Resumes that Stand Out!

Recruiters and Hiring managers will run your resume through an Applicant Tracking System.
Such systems contain software that not only streamline the hiring process but also itemizes your resume by keyword skills and rank your resume against other applicants resumes.

You want your resume to rank top for you to be considered for the Job you applied for.

Below are Key consideration that ATC West Recruiters and Hiring managers expect to itemize from your resume before giving your profile a clean bill of health.

  • Your Current resume must highlight (7 years work history or from graduation, whichever is less) all dates in mm/yy format, cannot say “current” or “present”
  • Resume must include; Facility (along with city, state), Unit Size, Hospital Size, Trauma Level, Teaching Facility, and Duties for each facility listed on resume.
  • Must also include Education in mm/yy, all licensure and certifications.
  • Any gaps greater than 30 days accounted for on the resume
  • 2 supervisor references within the last year worked in the unit being submitted – please ensure dates of employment are on these; eligible for rehire is noted
  • 1 peer reference within the last 3 years worked – please ensure dates of employment are on these; eligible for rehire is noted
  • Annual Skills Checklist, this is just a competency schedule that highlights the frequency of key areas of your clinical specialization

The following are also key decisive considerations on your part before accepting your profile to submitted.
Ensure you have discussed and agreed with your recruiter on;

  • What Hospital your profile is being submitted to:
  • What Specialty you will be working on the your assignment:
  • What Shift you will be working, also talk with your recruiter about orientation and on call rates:
  • Ensure you have the required State Licenses
  • Provide all relevant Active Certifications:
  • Know and represent the Years of Experience in the specific specialty
  • Beware of the Start Date of your assignment
  • Place any Requested Time Off and make sure they are reflected in the contract you sign should you get an offer:
  • Always provide Best Phone and Email Address for communication purposes

If you take time and prepare your application with the above in mind, you will have reduced your travel nursing application frustration by 3/4.

Wishing you well in your next travel nursing application.


  • bedava
    Posted at 06:12h, 23 December Reply

    Precisely what I was looking for, thanks for posting. Francine Nikola Tiff

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